We run several campaigns under each of the themes we work on.
Below is the list of campaigns current and past.
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Chulha Free India
Home / Campaigns Chulha Free India Intro On days when the AQI is high we are advised to stay indoors. But what if staying indoors exposes you to high levels of air pollution too? Household air pollution...
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Know Your Rights
Home / Campaigns Know Your Rights Intro Many of us want to complain when we see an environment violation but are unaware of the right way to register a complaint. To address this lacuna, we set up a resource...
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Save Mattewara
Home / Campaigns Save Mattewara Intro The Mattewara Forest in Ludhiana, situated on the flood plains of the river Satluj, is one of the last surviving historical forests of Punjab. It is a critical area...
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Clean Up Daddumajra
Home / Campaigns Daddumajra Intro 45 acres of land in Chandigarh is occupoed by the Daddumajra Landfill. This affects the air quality of residents who live right next to it. The leachate from the landfill...