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Love, Signed, Mother Earth by Sherebanu Frosh

A mother firmly, but gently, chastises her children

Who told you it was acceptable to dig up graves

Of animals dead for millions of years

And burn their remains

You call it fossil fuels

I feel desecrated

How could you possibly think it was okay

To kill every last member of millions of species

That I have raised so lovingly for millennia

You call it mass extinction

I call it fratricide

What got into you to cut down trees

Entire mangroves, rainforests, denuded hills

Could this possibly have not ended badly

You call it economic growth

I call it suicidal terrorism

Sit and have a good think

About your greed for more

And more and more and more and more

At what cost? At all cost!

You call it greed is good

I call it what is wrong with you!

I won’t punish you

Won’t be much of a mother if I did

But there will, of course,

Be natural consequences

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