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This week’s post is by 14 year old Meera. A resident of Chennai, she entered this bicycling story to a challenge conducted by Raahgiri Foundation. Hers is one of 3 winning entries. This article was also published on her blog https://meerasanjiv.blogspot.com/2021/06/peddling-towards-my-dreams.html

I was literally born cycling. At the age of two, I had a push cycle – then, a tricycle and soon, a cycle with training wheels!

I often rode doubles on my parents’ bicycles – I loved looking at the roads of Bangalore, talking nonstop, holding onto the carrier or my mom’s t-shirt.

At the age of 5, I moved to Amsterdam and the first thing my parents bought me was my first proper cycle. No training wheels!  

I fell so many times but somehow, I just didn’t want to give up. I climbed back on every time.

Then one day, while cycling I told my mom to not let go (as I would say every time) Suddenly, the people along the wooded path by the canals started clapping – I turned around to see my mother far behind me. I felt so happy and proud of myself!

And from that day on, I was unstoppable, I was busting the streets, whether it was rain or shine! Biking 3 km to school and back every day.

One thing I loved about Amsterdam was the entire city – even the country is connected by cycle paths.  I felt safe and powerful.

In 2015 I moved back to India, and predictably – my mom bought me a brand-new cycle. I cycled everywhere, even to school! However, I only use the back roads – the main roads are scary especially during peak time.

My parents don’t own a car and as we cycle together, we have long conversations or just point out flowering trees and familiar and new puppies on the streets.

Cycling is the great joy of my life –I feel independent, empowered – I know all the back routes and short cuts, the streets that are best shaded by trees, I discover new places too.

One thing I wish for is that my city would give me a safe and smooth cycle path that connects everywhere – and not just a particular stretch or a weekly car free day.

Try cycling, people! Experience these little moments of greatness on wheels!

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