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Chulha Free India


On days when the AQI is high we are advised to stay indoors. But what if staying indoors exposes you to high levels of air pollution too? Household air pollution or HAP that comes from biomass fuelled cooking stoves affects more than 3 billion people in developing nations. According to the WHO, HAP is responsible for 500,000 deaths a year in India, most of whom are women and children and accounts for about 80% of the 600,000 premature deaths in SE Asia.

Over 40% of Indian households cook using dung cakes, firewood, agro-residue, kerosene and charcoal due to the unaffordability of clean cooking fuel. The prolonged exposure to smoke from these fuels cause diseases such as COPD, TB, asthma and lung cancer among others.

Warrior Moms is campaigning for cleaner cooking fuels that are accessible and affordable for all. The campaign is running currently in Nagpur, Jharkhand, Delhi and Gurgaon.

In June 2022, we concluded a study among 1500 families that use biomass fuelled stoves in Nagpur and released a report.


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