Save Mattewara


The Mattewara Forest in Ludhiana, situated on the flood plains of the river Satluj, is one of the last surviving historical forests of Punjab. It is a critical area especially since Punjab has an abysmally low 3.67% forest cover as against the recommended 33% of the total area.

407 acres of land was acquired by GLADA for creating a textile park right next to Mattewara Forest. Recognising this as a threat to both the forest and the Satluj, Warrior Moms, along with the Public Action Committee and various other organisations took up the campaign to stop the textile park at this vulnerable location. forest minister and other related officials.

During the recent Vidhan Sabha session 2022, Warrior Moms wrote to the speaker of the House S. Kultar Sandhwan to raise this issue as a debatable subject. The Speaker commended the Warrior Moms for raising this issue and highlighting it as an environmental emergency. Check out the media coverage here.

On 10 th July, 2022, various organisations, environmental activists, individuals, farmer unions and politicians across party lines gathered to protest against the proposed textile park. As a result, on 11th July, 2022, the Chief Minister of Punjab announced that this area will be declared as a non-construction zone.

Warrior Moms will continue to remain alert to any dangers that may threaten the health of Mattewara


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