Measure what Matters

Sherebanu Frosh takes us through her favourite air apps and websites.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” Far from being a trope, this is a very important truth that all of us need to know in order to survive current dystopian levels of air pollution in India.

We need to know, as citizens and parents, what our families are breathing. We need to know when to send children to school, when they can go down to play, whether we should wear masks, when we should close windows and balcony doors.

At Warrior Moms we fight air pollution as part of various citizen groups, local and national. If you’re reading this and engaging in the fight, you’re a Warrior Mom too! To empower and enable you with good data, we’ve picked out favourite apps and websites that we’ve used over the years. Share screenshots in neighbourhood, school and family groups to help others understand and manage their health too. Spread the word, spread the data!
Our favourite apps: Airveda: Customer friendly interfaces, large networks (that include their own monitors as well as CPCB monitors), and nice features like map view and forecasts/historical data make this a favourite. The downside of the app is that it shows the monitor closest to your home, regardless of whether it is functioning or correctly calibrated. It is possible to save your favourite monitors though. Airvisual: Nice colours and pleasant user interface makes this another favourite app. Similar to Airveda with fewer monitors, but graphs and forecasts and maps make it an equally adequate option. Safar: It’s simplicity and accuracy (only CPCB monitors) make it a favourite for a quick look and share. No frills like map view or forecasts, but it will tell you the air quality at a glance. Our favourite websites: NCAP tracker – CAAQMS dashboard A great way to look at trends, past data, cities – we love it to plan vacations, defend our pet theories on pollution, and understand air pollution as it plays out over months and years. Huge number of low cost monitors make it a very useful tool to look at spatial variations of air pollution, especially in NCR. Look for hotspots, understand the patterns, get data that is especially close to your home, school, office. The knowledge of what our children are breathing everyday is vital to keep our fight for a breathable future alive. If you want to report an air-violation and need information, do click here