Theme: Biodiversity Protection

During a time when cities reel under issues caused due to pollution and weather events like urban floods, trees, which are the lungs of the earth are being cut and forests are being cleared for highways and infrastructure development at the cost of ecological imbalance disrupting the flora and fauna of that region. Trees help in reducing the heat island effect in cities and offer habitat for living beings like birds, and bees. Warrior Moms advocate for scientific greening of urban areas through public protests, social media campaigns, and filing PILs against illegal deforestation. We have developed SoPs (link to KYR) for active citizens’ participation to report violations to authorities in the respective cities. We call for strict action against ecosystem degradation caused by deforestation for infrastructure development.

Save Mattewara

Save Mattewara Intro The Mattewara Forest in Ludhiana, situated on the flood plains of the river Satluj, is one of the last surviving historical forests of Punjab. It is a critical area especially since Punjab has an abysmally low 3.67% forest cover as against the recommended 33% of the total area. 407 acres of land …

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Spotlight on Bees

Today’s post is a spotlight on Warrior Mom from Bangalore, Rajani Mani. Rajani is currently making a film on bees — we caught up with her today for a little chat. Read on and check out the links to her work too. Why bees? I live in Bangalore where, between the months of October to March, rock …

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Love, Signed, Mother Earth

Love, Signed, Mother Earth by Sherebanu Frosh A mother firmly, but gently, chastises her children Who told you it was acceptable to dig up graves Of animals dead for millions of years And burn their remains You call it fossil fuels I feel desecrated How could you possibly think it was okay To kill every …

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