Theme: Clean Cooking

Around 64% of India’s population depends on solid fuel for their household cooking needs. Lack of access to clean alternatives for cooking and heating has resulted in burning biomass freely available to people. Government of India’s Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY) has played a critical role in increasing penetration of LPG across the country, but factors like affordability, availability, preference, familiarity, and poverty need to be addressed. Exposure to smoke makes women and children the worst affected. Farmers burn stubble residue during the months of October and November that aggravates winter smog in many North Indian states from Punjab all the way to Rajasthan.

Chulha Free India

Chulha Free India Intro On days when the AQI is high we are advised to stay indoors. But what if staying indoors exposes you to high levels of air pollution too? Household air pollution or HAP that comes from biomass fuelled cooking stoves affects more than 3 billion people in developing nations. According to the …

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Women For Clean Air – Jharkhand

Women For Clean Air – Jharkhand With a forest cover of almost 30%, one national park and about eleven wildlife sanctuaries, one would assume that Jharkhand is a verdant paradise – however with mining and industrialisation, today the AQI of most towns or cities in Jharkhand stand above a 100! While the increasing incidences of …

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