Themes we work on

pile of garbage

Solid Waste Management

Rampant unchecked burning of garbage by individuals and institutes, growing number of landfills outside our metros are representative of the fact that as a country we are still struggling with proper implementation of garbage segregation and disposal practices.

woman in front of a stove

Clean Cooking

Around 64% of India’s population depends on solid fuel for their household cooking needs. Lack of access to clean alternatives for cooking and heating has resulted in burning biomass freely available to people.

a plant

Biodiversity Protection

During a time when cities reel under issues caused due to pollution and weather events like urban floods, trees, which are the lungs of the earth are being cut and forests are being cleared for highways and infrastructure development at the cost of ecological imbalance disrupting the flora and fauna of that region.

Urban Mobility & Non-motorised Transport

India will be home to over 600 million urban dwellers by 2030. The increasing demand for vehicles has put considerable pressure on infrastructure, especially roads, which transport two-thirds of all freight and 90% of passenger traffic.

Thermal power plants and health impacts

Urban Emissions estimates that emissions from the 111 thermal power plants (TPPs) devoted to the task are responsible for 80–115,000 premature deaths every year, along with 170,000 cases of chronic bronchitis and 20·9 million cases of asthma.

Take Action

India has some of the best laws in the world aimed at protecting the environment and a robust complaint mechanism to report violations as well. Although this information is part of the public domain, awareness on these issues is missing.